3rd Calligraphy Competition

3rd International Calligraphy Competition

dedicated to Ibn al-Bawwāb (? - 1022), 1993

The competition was dedicated to Ibn al-Bawwāb on the 1000th (Hijri) year of his death. 1106 works were submitted by 480 participants from 35 countries. 125 works by 97 participants from 27 countries were given prizes totaling US$ 45,000.

Jaly Thuluth | Prizes

Jaly Thuluth | Mentions

Thuluth | Prizes

Thuluth | Mentions

Naskh | Prizes

Naskh | Mentions

Jaly Taliq | Mentions

Taliq | Prizes

Taliq | Mentions

Jaly Diwani | Prizes

Jaly Diwani | Mentions

Diwani | Prizes

Diwani | Mentions

Kufi | Mentions

Muhaqqaq | Mentions

Ijazah | Mentions

Riqa | Mentions

Maghribi | Mentions

Khurde Taliq | Mentions

Jury Members

  • Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Prof. Dr., Chairman of the Organising Committe, Türkiye
  • Ahmed Ziya İbrahim, Master of calligraphy, Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Alparslan, Prof. Dr., Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Gholam Hossein Amirkhani, Master of calligraphy, Iran
  • Hasan Çelebi, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Mohammed A. Abdullah, Master of calligraphy, Egypt
  • Mohammed Cherifi, Dr., Master of calligraphy, Algeria
  • Mustafa Uğur Derman, Prof., Expert of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Salman Ibrahim, Master of calligraphy, Irak
  • Uthman Taha, Master of calligraphy, Saudi Arabia