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IRCICA Arts & Handicrafts Section

IRCICA Arts and Handicrafts section has the objective to preserve and make known the classical arts and traditional handicrafts of the Muslim world with their authentic characteristics, promote knowledge and appreciation about them, encourage their development and applications around the world. With these objectives, the Section conducts various activities on its premises, in the Member States and online including research projects, competitions, festivals, congresses, exhibitions, fairs, workshops, concerts and training programs, publishes albums, catalogs and research works.

Islamic Arts - Our mission

Islamic arts constitute one of the main fields of IRCICA's mission and this is also reflected in the Centre's name. IRCICA endeavors to preserve and promote the classical arts and traditional handicrafts of the Muslim world, emphasize their value as cultural heritage and activate their potential as bridges of intercultural relations.

The Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, acquired special significance in the context of Islamic culture. The utmost care devoted to copying the Holy Qur'an with exactness and excellence won Arabic calligraphy a distinct status among all arts. Due to Arabic being the language of the Holy Qur'an, calligraphy in Arabic script came to be perceived by all Muslims as "Islamic calligraphy".

The Art of illumination

Illumination (tezhib) is a decorative art applied on paper and various surfaces by using natural and synthetic paints, gold wash of different carats and colors, and ink, and with thin brushes. An illuminated work is described as muzehheb and the illuminator is called the muzehhib/muzehhibe. Illumination generally accompanies and decorates works of calligraphy.









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