11th Calligraphy Competition

11th International Calligraphy Competition

dedicated to Mehmed Shawqi Efendi (1829-1887), 2019

613 participants from 38 countries submitted 833 works. 66 works by 52 participants from 11 countries won awards totaling US$206.500.

Jaly Thuluth | Prizes

Jaly Thuluth | Mentions

Thuluth | Prizes

Thuluth | Mentions

Naskh | Prizes

Naskh | Mentions

Muhaqqaq | Prizes

Muhaqqaq | Mentions

Thuluth-Naskh | Prizes

Thuluth-Naskh | Mentions

Jaly Taliq | Prizes

Jaly Taliq | Mentions

Taliq | Prizes

Taliq | Mentions

Jaly Diwani | Prizes

Jaly Diwani | Mentions

Diwani | Prizes

Diwani | Mentions

Kufi | Prizes

Kufi | Mentions

Jury Members

  • Halit Eren, Prof. Dr., Chairman of the Organising Committe, Türkiye
  • Abdulridha Baheya Dawood, Dr. Master of calligraphy, Iraq
  • Belaid Hamidi, Master of calligraphy, Morocco
  • Davut Bektaş, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Fuat Başar, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • M. Jalil Rasouli, Master of calligraphy, Iran
  • M. Hüsrev Subaşı, Prof. Dr, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Mehmed Özçay, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Mosaad Mostafa M. Khodeir, Master of calligraphy, Egypt
  • Ubeyde Albanki, Master of calligraphy, Syria
  • Ahmed Ziya İbrahim, Honorary member, Saudi Arabia
  • Hasan Çelebi, Honorary member, Türkiye
  • Mohammed Cherifi, Dr., Honorary member, Algeria