8th Calligraphy Competition

8th International Calligraphy Competition

dedicated to Badawi al-Dirani (1894-1967), 2010

This competition was organized by IRCICA and sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage Authority; its results were announced with press conferences in Abu Dhabi and Istanbul on 15 April 2010. The competition received 969 worksby 683 participants from 31 countries. 68 works by 63 participants from 14 countries were rewarded, 8 of them with incentive prizes, with a total prize of US$ 126.000.-.

Jaly Thuluth | Prizes

Jaly Thuluth | Mentions

Thuluth | Prizes

Thuluth | Mentions

Naskh | Prizes

Naskh | Mentions

Jaly Taliq | Prizes

Jaly Taliq | Mentions

Taliq | Prizes

Taliq | Mentions

Jaly Diwani | Prizes

Jaly Diwani | Mentions

Diwani | Prizes

Diwani | Mentions

Kufi | Prizes

Kufi | Mentions

Riqa | Prizes

Riqa | Mentions

Maghribi | Prizes

Maghribi | Mentions

Jury Members

  • Halit Eren, Prof. Dr., Chairman of the Organising Committe, Türkiye
  • Abdulridha Baheya Dawood, Dr. Master of calligraphy, Iraq
  • Belaid Hamidi, Master of calligraphy, Morocco
  • Davut Bektaş, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • M. Jalil Rasouli, Master of calligraphy, Iran
  • Mehmed Özçay, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Ubeyde Albanki, Master of calligraphy, Syria
  • Ahmed Ziya İbrahim, Honorary member, Saudi Arabia
  • Hasan Çelebi, Honorary member, Türkiye
  • Mohammed Cherifi, Dr., Honorary member, Algeria
  • Mustafa Uğur Derman, Prof., Honorary member, Türkiye