2nd Calligraphy Competition

2nd International Calligraphy Competition

dedicated to Yāqut al-Mustaʻsimī (? - 1298), 1989

450 participants from 30 countries submitted a total of 1732 works. 50 works by 31 participants from 11 countries received awards, totaling US$ 40,000. Incentive prizes, consisting of a copy of IRCICA’s publication The Art of Calligraphy in Islamic Heritage, were distributed to 13 calligraphers from 10 countries, where the art of calligraphy was newly flourishing.

Jaly Thuluth | Prizes

Jaly Thuluth | Mentions

Thuluth | Prizes

Thuluth | Mentions

Naskh | Prizes

Naskh | Mentions

Jaly Taliq | Prizes

Jaly Taliq | Mentions

Taliq | Mentions

Jaly Diwani | Prizes

Jaly Diwani | Mentions

Diwani | Prizes

Diwani | Mentions

Kufi | Mentions

Muhaqqaq | Mentions

Ijazah | Mentions

Riqa | Mentions

Maghribi | Mentions

Shikasta | Mentions

Jury Members

  • Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Prof. Dr., Chairman of the Organising Committe, Türkiye
  • Ahmed Ziya İbrahim, Master of calligraphy, Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Alparslan, Prof. Dr., Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Hasan Çelebi, Master of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Mohammed A. Abdullah, Master of calligraphy, Egypt
  • Mohammed Cherifi, Dr., Master of calligraphy, Algeria
  • Mustafa Uğur Derman, Prof., Expert of calligraphy, Türkiye
  • Syed Anwar Hussain, Master of calligraphy, Pakistan
  • Yousif Thanoon, Master of calligraphy, Irak