Islamic Arts – Our mission

Islamic arts constitute one of the main fields of IRCICA’s mission and this is also reflected in the Centre’s name. IRCICA endeavors to preserve and promote the classical arts and traditional handicrafts of the Muslim world, emphasize their value as cultural heritage and activate their potential as bridges of intercultural relations. With these aims, IRCICA is conducting a wide range of theoretical and practical activities, involving research, publications, festivals, award programs, training courses and exhibitions.

The Centre’s studies and conferences are highlighting the different branches of Islamic arts, their history and present state, focusing on the collections of artifacts located around the world and addressing issues of their conservation and cataloging. The festivals held in different countries are helping to promote the traditional arts including calligraphy, illumination, miniature painting, bookbinding, ebru (paper marbling), woodwork, tiles, embroidery and costumes, carpet-weaving, basketry, etc. Artists from around the world are participating in the triennial IRCICA International Calligraphy Competition, as well as in the award programs held during festivals of handicrafts and the training courses on calligraphy conducted online.

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